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Navigating the HR Consultant Journey for
Your Construction Business

4 Easy Steps to Get Started


Schedule your 30-Minute Discovery Call.

Call or Text 240-459-0329


Complete our HR Assessment.


Meet in person to

review assessment.

(Executive & HR Lead)


Attend Summary Call meeting to prioritize action items and discuss recommendations.

Ready to schedule your free assessment?

NTP HR can assist in formulating a plan for HR in one or multiple focus areas.

Strategic Planning:

Develop a clear vision and plan for the next one, three, and ten years, outlining your core values and strategies for achieving profitability in your construction business.

Recruiting and Onboarding:

Implement a comprehensive recruiting strategy to attract top, diverse talent to your construction team.

Career Paths with Salary and Bonus Structure:

Create a well-defined career progression plan with salary bands and a bonus structure to retain and motivate your employees for long-term success.

Performance Management and Employee Engagement:

Foster a high performing and engaging culture amongst your construction team through effective performance management strategies.

Learning and Development:

Invest in your employees' development by building a systematic training program that covers technical, managerial, and essential skills.

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Understand the needs and preferences of your multi-generational workforce and develop competitive benefits and compensation packages to attract and retain top talent.


Ensure your construction business remains compliant with all federal, state, and local regulations as your employee count increases, minimizing the risks associated with non-compliance.


Take advantage of our custom webinars, workshops, presentations, and one-on-one HR mentor consultations.

Custom Webinars:

We can create a custom webinar tailored to your organization's needs. Whether you're looking to educate your employees on best practices for recruitment and hiring, developing people managers, or effective performance management, our webinars can provide valuable insights and actionable strategies.


Our engaging interactive workshops are designed to help your HR team and managers develop essential skills and knowledge in various HR areas. From employee onboarding and development to employee relations and conflict resolution, our workshops can equip your HR professionals with the tools they need to support your workforce effectively.


We offer dynamic presentations delivered by experienced speakers who can effectively communicate complex HR solutions to your audience. Our presentations cover many topics, including talent acquisition and retention strategies, building inclusive workplaces, effective leadership and communication, and more.

Past Presentations Include People Managers-Boss to Coach, Recruiting and Retention, and Careers Paths with Salary Bands. Clients include Urban Zink, SHRM, NAWIC, MCCEI, BLocal BUILD College, and ASHRM.

HR Mentor Consultation:

Throughout the mentorship process, the HR mentor will provide guidance, support, and expertise to the HR lead, helping them develop their HR skills and become a more effective HR strategist. Key areas include:

  • HR strategy

  • Executive acumen and presence

  • Policies and procedures

  • Employee engagement and retention

  • Talent acquisition and management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Employee relations

  • Training and development

  • HR data analysis

  • Compliance

Additional Resources

Explore our insightful podcast conversations surrounding the latest HR trends, obstacles,

and valuable strategies for effectively navigating HR dilemmas.

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