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Vision – Elevate HR from transactional to strategic in the construction industry.

Is your leadership responsible for payroll, hiring/firing, and employee relations?

With 25+ employees, it's time to hire an HR consultant so leadership can focus on growing your business. We will identify a key in-house HR generalist to offload responsibilities from the leadership team. We will also explore how a Human Capital Management (HCM) system can help you streamline everyday transactional HR duties. Investing in HR automation and having the proper HR resources will support structured growth. 

Does your company need more strategic direction?

NTP HR will help you develop a strategic plan to include core values, 1-3-10-year visions, weekly metrics, and current and future organization structures for profitable growth.

Are you developing last-minute job description?  Do you post and ghost?

NTP HR takes a proactive approach to recruiting, which is proven to hire top talent.

Do you need help with employee retention?

NTP HR will help reengage your workforce through performance management, employment engagement, and actionable steps to improve your company culture.

Does your benefits package attract today's candidates and retain top talent?

NTP HR will find creative and comprehensive ways to create the best-in-class benefits to attract and retain top talent.

Do you need help keeping up with federal, state, and local laws as your business grows?

NTP HR assists with compliance regulations based on size and jurisdiction of your company (Ex. Sick and Safe Leave, OSHA reporting 11+ employees, Pregnancy Disability Act 15+ employees, COBRA 20+ employees, FMLA 50+ employees, EEO-1 Report 100+ employees).

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Core Values

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Forward Thinking


Be Curious


Streamline for Efficiency


Bold Solutions


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